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Hello, I'm Sorin and I consider myself to be a passionate web developer. I advocate for writing high quality code and for adherence to best practices. I also welcome any kind of challenge. :)

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Symfony Best Practices – Analysis

Analysis based on Symfony Best Practices 2.7 during our InnoTalks #7 Purpose  This article was written based on the internal debate we, at Innobyte, had on some of the recommendations presented in the Symfony Best Practices guide (referred to as SfBP from now on), some of which are different than what most expected, and some of which bring confirmation to our beliefs, but are…


A while ago, we needed a solution to secure some URLs for single use. As this problem seemed to be quite common, we thought of making a reusable solution, which resulted in a separate Bundle that we used in several projects, and updated it to best fit other encountered situations. We believe this could be useful to other projects, as well, so we’ve decided…