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Long rides are boring, there’s no point in denying that. Luckily, someone like IDOSH found the best way to fix that: the idea of creating an app for people who could use a shared ride.

The benefits are multiple: shared travel costs, an easier way to plan your trips, a user-friendly app and all the advantages of not travelling alone. Also, you can rate your driver and your car and you get to meet new people!

Our collaboration started along with their idea. They needed a reliable partner to help them turn this cool idea into reality.

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When building a business from scratch, first you need to set all the details and make sure you understand all the customer’s needs, desires and preferences.

Given our experience, we realised that the first thing IDOSH needed was proper consultancy, in order to help them set the priorities and understand how things will go. Then we drew the business requirements and technical specifications and set the development plan. As soon as those were done and the overview was clear to everyone, we started doing what we love the most: Setting. Creating. Building. Testing. Fixing. Delivering.

A brand-new idea deserves fresh technologies, so we used several to develop IDOSH’s apps: Firebase, Angular JS, My SQL, NodeJS.

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Our collaboration with IDOSH was as much fun as it was rewarding: they got to see their dream come true, while humanity was given an innovative app that would revolutionize the concept of travelling. And as for us, we were proud to be the ones who turned a bright idea into reality. But our greatest satisfaction came along with the large smile on our customer’s face: once again, our mission was completed successfully.

Now that you know the story, we are happy to inform you that the app is available in multiple versions: iOS, Android, Web and can be downloaded from both App Store and Google Play. For now, IDOSH is available in Switzerland, Austria and Germany.


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