The service lets you keep track of your friends, family, colleagues or business connections and see when and where your roads will meet. Business or pleasure, this app will let you keep your connections informed about your schedule without using your phone’s GPS function.


FREE App – Enjoy the current version! Have fun with our app and let us know what you think about it.

– WE VALUE YOUR PRIVACY – No GPS tracking, no automatic sharing; it’s up to you to decide who gets notified.

– NO NEED FOR (yet another) NICK NAME – Voyagery will use your phone number to create your account and integrates perfectly your phone’s address book.

– NO NEED TO ADD FRIENDS – Voyagery will connect you with your contacts. Connections who use the app will automatically be displayed in your friends list.

– NO NEED TO CALL OR SEND TEXTS – With push notifications you decide who will be informed when you are in the city.

– NO LIMITATIONS – Once you and your connections download the app you can use it as often as you want. Share your plans with as many friends, family members or business connections as you wish.

GROUPS – You can create groups based on your criteria and include your buddies or business connections and choose which ones get to know where you are at a certain moment.

Download the app and tell us what you think!

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