Build your Responsive Website with us!

Responsive web design is a front-end development approach through which is crafted device agnostic sites. This way, users can navigate on a website with minimum efforts: they don’t need to resize, to infinite scroll in order to have a successful browsing experience, no matter the device they use.

Build a mobile version of your website with INNOBYTE’s specialists and let your customer browse freely! We have the knowledge and the power to build awesome responsive designs!

Online browsing behavior is changing

Users tend to use many devices to browse on and it is you job to offer them a great browsing experience! With our help, you can build an excellent responsive design for your online shop or project. Just take a look at your Google Analytics report and see the devices your users are using to browse through your site! Do you see the high bounce rate mobile devices have? Make their stay a pleasant one!

Reports show that when it comes to mobile browsing, 31% of total site traffic comes from mobile devices in United Kingdom, 47% in Australia, 40% in Brazil, 34% in South Korea. Also, it has been observed that one tablet drives as much traffic as 4 smartphones do. Companies need to become responsive to their visitors’ needs!

Build your Responsive Website with us!

Don’t miss out on the latest technological trends! Go mobile and gain more visibility and quality traffic!

Responsive Web Design

Native apps for iOS and Android

Consultancy, wireframing & user experience

Focus on usability

Retina Display

Quality Assurance Testing

Consistent Brand Identity

We understand you efforts in building a strong brand for your company. We will do our best to respect your branding guidelines in our designs. This way, your company will look and feel the same on any display from 4” to 50”. Your content will be easy to browse on and read.

Great User Experience

Your visitors will enjoy a flawless browsing experience, no matter the device. We can build highly functional websites that will sustain users in their browsing sessions. Keep in mind that a single bad experience will set low expectations for the rest of your website.

Successful M-commerce

The value of revenues from M-commerce reached $25 billion in 2012 (with a growth rate of 86%). As people become more mobile, their buying behavior is changing: they will want to check out more details even if they are located inside your physical shop! Shopping has never been easier!

Playful Mobile Apps

We have the knowledge to build high-performance native mobile apps for iOS and Android. Your ideas will be turned into smart apps, which will answer all the marketing and technical needs you have. So don’t hesitate to contact us and ask for a personalised offer!

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