We are Magento contributors

We take Magento very seriously, not only when it comes to providing solutions for customers around the world, but also by being involved in the development of Magento, as contributors.

What does it mean to be a Magento contributor?

Magento welcomes all types of contributions, consisting of new features or components, changes to existing features, tests, documentation (user guides, developers guides, examples or specifications), optimizations, bug fixes, or suggestions, provided by worldwide developers and Magento partners.

Magento contributions

Cart performance

With this merge, Vali fixed a server performance issue related to the number of products in the cart: the more products in the cart, the more MySQL requests in the server. He also improved cart performance in Magento 2.3.

Reviews GraphQL

This PR has brought Vali a special achievement and a complex award from Magento admins.

With this pull, regarding Product Reviews, Product Ratings and Reviews in Magento, Vali closed another PR, related to “Product Reviews”. He identified several errors and proposed some core changes to Magento meant to allow users to use the same Review object for both Customer Account Reviews and Product Page.

Reviews API

This Pull Request is about service contracts for product reviews.

Currently, defined services are implemented similar to MSI implementation and allow bulk operations.

The difference in Valentine’s implementation is that the service returns a response object that contains success, failed, retryable object and errors associated with failed or retryable objects. With this pull request, he has proposed several updates, actions and modifications to improve Product Reviews Module.

Reviews GraphQl schema update

Valentin has proposed several actions and changes to fix some issues regarding product reviews GraphQL Schema, consisting of the following: the inability to sort reviews by other fields, reviews queries do not return total reviews, missing rating percent from review ratings and others.

Elastic Search Indexation

This Pull Request, related to Elastic Search Indexation, is intended to fix indexing issue for zero value attribute options, including Boolean attributes, allowing zero values options indexation. He has proposed several changes to fix the problems identified.

Code duplication 

Matei investigated an older issue related to code duplication in SetShippingAddressesOnCart. With this PR, he proposed some fixes and changes to remove code duplication.

Magento has all services in separate repositories, for example, codebase: magento/magento, GraphQL: magento/graph-ql, etc. Given the fact that the SetShippingAddressesOnCart service existed in a GraphQL module – InventoryInStorePickupQuoteGraphQl, and it was a duplicate in Magento/inventory repository, he removed the SetShippingAddressesOnCart service from the GraphQL repository and moved it to magento/inventory, where it is used.

New module to extract a list of orders by customer 

With this PR, Matei developed a new module to extract a list of orders in “my account” by customer.

Magento Inventory

This PR contains a change in Magento Inventory. Matei moved “address from invoice request” into “distance deduction algorithm”. He has suggested the following change: since no address object is needed in the inventoryRequest and it is used only in a distance-based algorithm, the order object can be used to retrieve all the data you need in any algorithm.

Creating/resetting the user password        

With this Pull Request, Matei proposed a solution that solved an issue related to creating/resetting the user password if the user address was not valid.

Check if product isSalable on MSI standards

Matei reopened an old PR, MSI-2213: Check if product isSalable on MSI standards #2604. His solution will only fix the product page for products out of stock which are displayed as in stock.

“As a Magento Specialist, I truly believe that it is in our power to make Magento better and to improve its core. Every year, a lot of new developments and implementations come from contributors, whether it’s about simple bug fixes or large-scale contributions.  Magento encourages the community to get involved. Every year, developers reunite at Magento Contribution Day, an event held in different countries. If you want to get involved, this is a must go event.

When you contribute to Magento, you grow as a developer, expand your knowledge and have the opportunity to connect with the community. Not to mention that you help yourself too. I guess you all got bored with repairing the same bug for every project you work on.”

Valentin S., Magento contributor & specialist

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