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Provide customers with the best online experience by ensuring your website works properly at all times, with a thorough monitoring and IT service support.

A poor performing website or a downtime platform can affect your business.We will ensure your website is up and running, notify you and provide you with technical assistance. Website monitoring is an essential operation to sustain continuous access to your platform. This service will help you determine the overall condition at any moment.


Our services

Account management support: root account management

A root account has super privileges. This means a special user account used for system administration. It can perform several actions such as read and write any files on the system, change system configuration, install and remove the software.

Monitoring System: 24x7 automated monitoring and alerting system

A poor performing or a downtime platform can affect your business. Stay on top of disruptions! We will perform tests, diagnose potential server issues to make sure your website is up and running. You will get reports and alerts whenever a problem is detected.

Technical support: 24/7 Technical Support Access and Intervention

Our website monitoring service goes beyond simply confirming the website is available. Our team is at your service 24/7 to provide you with technical assistance and intervention service to fix the errors.

Helpdesk: Interface of reporting the incident

You will get alerts and insights whenever a problem is detected via your preferred communication method: by email, phone, ticketing, and monitoring system.

Reporting: documentation and reporting

We will document the overall condition of the platform, the identified issues and deliver detailed reports that clearly show the results. This way, you will be able to track the performance of the service.

Levels of Severities

Severity 1

Entire business is affected
(eg: website is down)

Severity 2

Critical aspects of the business are affected (eg: the search server is not working)

Severity 3

None critical functions are affected (eg: Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) server issues)

Severity 1 Severity 2 Severity 3
Response time < 2h < 4h next business day
Resolution time < 4h < 8h on request within a sprint plan
Number of monthly incidents included unlimited unlimited unlimited

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