Industry: eCommerce, Fashion

Services: Magento eCommerce services, Magento code audit, Magento platform optimisation

The project

ADONA is an eCommerce platform focused on bags and accessories, whose purpose is to fulfil women’s never ending need for a fabulous look. Ever since its launching in September 2014, ADONA never ceased to search for the best everything for its customers, from the quality of their products to the exigency of their services.

When it comes to online shops, there are two key aspects that guarantee the success of a business: the products they sell and a well-performing shop. One thing we learned about ADONA is that they don’t lower their standards on either of them.Now, for their products they chose some of Europe’s most valuable designers, located in Poland, Great Britain and Italy.

For the high performance on their website, on the other hand, they needed to find a reliable partner to support their growth, in order to generate and sustain the sales volume.As soon as we learned about ADONA’s business needs, we couldn’t wait to start the collaboration.

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I appreciate the way my needs were understood and that the goals were set based on the experience of Catalin Bordei and Alin Alexandru. The evolution was monitored and highlighted in pertinent reports that contained the main indicators as targets. I recommend INNOBYTE because they are, indeed, true Magento professionals and experts. This assures you that you will not pay an opportunity cost by extended deadlines or platform dysfunctionalities that lead you to lower sales.
Mircea Chenic
Managing Partner ADONA

The solution

When we met the guys from ADONA, their business was growing rapidly and we understood their need to increase their platform’s performance.
As the security and the stability of the platform were on top of their priorities list, they decided to work with a Magento company. Innobyte, an experienced Magento agency in Romania, turned out to be just what they needed.

Experience has taught us that a flawless performance is crucial for a webshop. This is why our first step was to run a professional website diagnosis, by performing an efficient audit. It always turns the most accurate results after scrutinizing all the three critical components with the strongest impact on Magento’s system stability: architecture, code quality and performance.

After completing these tests, we managed to determine the overall website condition and we formulated the encountered problems, along with performance optimization solutions. Obviously, our team was happy to fix all the issues and to implement all our improvement recommendations.

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The result

The results came, in part, thanks to the fact that the guys from ADONA don’t cut down on the quality of their actions. Innobyte’s contribution matched their ideals and so, by the time our work was done, the website’s performance speeded up significantly. This translates into higher visitor engagement and retention and, the most satisfying part, an impressively higher conversion rate.

We were more than happy to congratulate Adona on their results after the implementation of our solutions, as their conversion rate grew up to 40%.

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