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Services: Custom web development, Technical support, Consulting services, Graphic design

The project

Medigo is a worldwide project. It grants people access to high-quality health care, by allowing them to search, coordinate and compare medical procedures with internationally trusted clinics. The options that Medigo offers to its users are numerous: patients can benefit from all the medical services that meet their expectations, higher quality care, needs, allocated time and budget.

Medigo wanted a dynamic, powerful and user-friendly website that can be easily accessed from all devices. So, they needed a responsive design and a reliable platform that would return accurate and relevant results to the clients. In 2013, Medigo began its collaboration with Innobyte, and we were honoured to be the catalyst for this project.

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A reliable partner adaptable to our changing needs. We have been working with Innobyte for almost two years now. Together we built what was the first version of MEDIGO and are happy to continue improving our platform week after week. We have an amazing team at Innobyte that is an integral part of our company from the very start. Whoever makes most sense, MEDIGO.
Christoph Strasen
CTO Medigo

The solution

Medigo is the first medical-travel project developed from scratch with Symfony2. We chose this framework because its flexibility and scalability would adapt to Medigo’s needs and requirements. Symfony2 helped reduce the development time significantly – approximately 6 months stood between the first plan we drew and the launching of this platform.

After the launch, to improve the browsing experience, both for customers and administrators, our team performed a series of further developments and optimizations. We also used new tools, such as an advanced caching system for page loading time optimization, payment system, custom-made language management system, and care plan integration.

We used several technologies to support the functionalities of this project: Solar, Redis, MySQL, Zendesk, and Varnish. Also, our team performed automated tests on the platform. It made updates and new functionalities available for the clients, in a remarkably shorter period.

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The result

Medigo is the kind of project that revolutionizes the world and honours technology. Today, they are the best worldwide solution for millions of patients in search for countless medical procedures, from over 1000 worldwide clinics.

Without any doubt, Medigo is one of our most valuable projects. And they seem to feel that way, too.

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