Functional audit

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Get a professional functional audit for your platform

Our specialists will perform a functional audit on your website to make sure it meets the highest quality and runs as stated in the software requirement document.

They will also perform QA analysis and check-ups to identify software vulnerabilities and guide you to improve product quality.

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What can we do for you,
more precisely?

Quality control activities differ from project to project. However, we start by reviewing the software requirement specifications. After our team members understand the requirements, they will begin the testing process using the latest methodology. This means focusing on Functional and Non-functional testing.

Besides that, we ensure that the software functions operate as in the product specification. We will also ensure that the speed, response time, reliability, resource usage and scalability are in normal parameters. 

Functional audit report

The audit report will contain:

  • information regarding our testing process
  • a checklist of the actions performed by our team
  • the encountered bugs and their severity level.

Also, you will receive recommendations for improvement to make sure your website or application works at top performance.

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