Performance audit

Our developers will run a professional performance audit and tell you the condition of your platform

Audit the performance of your application

Our performance audit includes analyzing all components and processes that may have an impact on the speed of the system and its ability to scale it up with minimal effort.

Why does platform performance matter?

Most consumers abandon a slow loading eCommerce platform. It is one of the biggest frustrations for online shoppers. This way, the response time is among the most important aspects of your application, having a significant impact on the final user experience, time spent on a website and the number of transactions.

Our specialists are at your service to check every line of code of the application to identify potential errors and problems. Get complete and practical recommendations to improve your platform performance.

Also, you can use the audit results to adjust and allocate the resources needed for hosting efficiently. Therefore, leading to a lower operating cost.

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Performance Audit Report

At the end of the audit, you will:

  • understand the overall performance status of your platform;
  • find out if the technologies used on the platform meet the corresponding coding standards;
  • find out if the infrastructure is configured and scaled correctly;
  • learn about the consequences of each identified error and how they affect the performance of the platform;
  • find out what effort is required to resolve each of these issues.

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