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Altex and MediaGalaxy online shops have a new look

Today we launched two web sites for which we worked hard and with a lot of enthusiasm and the result made all the effort in developing them worth its while. Altex and Mediagalaxy now have a new look, with an appearance that is more modern, airy, more user friendly and more efficient in regards to the functionalities.

The two web sites, Altex.ro and Mediagalaxy.ro were developed on Magento Professional e-commerce platform. In terms of functionality, the novelties of the two web sites consists of faster loading time of the pages, a more user friendly structure and interface and, soon, the users will be able to visit the web sites with the help of a mobile app we’re working on as we speak.

Altex Mediagalaxy

In terms of design, the visual identity elements of the two brands as well as the general idea of the two old websites layouts were preserved but we tried to give them more dynamics and, also, to align them to the newest trend in the web development design.

The work at the two web sites required involvement, endurance and lots and lots of coffee but the collaboration with the client as well as the collaboration within the team led to the result that we and the client desired.

If you use to buy online we invite you to visit the two web sites!

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