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Desktop setup for an efficient development workflow

By | Development

Is this even important? Even though sometimes is a neglected aspect of the development environment, the desktop setup is actually really important in the long run for increasing the comfort of opening/managing applications.   It may not look significant, but reducing the amount of time and effort spent on managing the multiple applications needed for the development helps a lot in…

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Simple Git Command Line Tricks

By | Development | No Comments

There are fancier alternatives to all of the tasks below, but there are times when the direct CLI (command-line interface) approach works best or it’s the only option. It’s definitely faster than any git GUI (graphical user interface) frontend that I’ve ever tried and oftentimes even more user-friendly. So here are some of the most common uses of the git CLI….

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Magento 2 official launch – new era of commerce innovation

By | Development, Magento | No Comments

November 17th 2015 is the release day! Magento 2 official launch took place yesterday. The long expected and debated next generation open source digital commerce platform is here. Magento Enterprise Edition 2.0 and Magento Community Edition 2.0 are now available for download. What does Magento 2 bring? A more open, more flexible architecture Engaging shopping experiences Enhanced business agility and productivity Enterprise-grade…

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New PHP Challenge by Innobyte

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A few days ago, we launched a new PHP challenge. We asked both our colleagues and Facebook community to redefine sad function in order to solve this problem and make the code work: They found some cool and clever solutions in order to execute beAwesome() function: Solution nr.1:

  Solution nr.2

  Solution nr.3

  Solution nr.4…

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