We are a top ecommerce development company in Romania

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For the second year, Innobyte was recognised as a top ecommerce development and Magento company in Romania.

Thanks to our customer support and appreciation, we now have a 4.8 Clutch review rating, and 6 out of 6 customers are willing to refer Innobyte. Check out our Clutch page here: https://clutch.co/profile/innobyte.

We provide eCommerce development solutions with long-term business results for our clients, and our team is committed to meeting their specific business needs flexibly and agilely. Our local and international customers rely on our digital commerce solutions to take their businesses to the next level. We thank all our clients who have entrusted us with their projects over the years. We are here for the long run!

Feedback is important to us, and we use it to improve our services and solutions. Our appreciation goes to all our clients and partners for the effort and support they give our team through their feedback and reviews, regardless of the channel they use to provide it.

Here are some insightful reviews we received on Clutch:

They invest a lot of time in coding procedures.

“We worked with multiple development companies, and they are committed to delivering a good quality product in all aspects. So they do not focus only on delivering the needs of the partner, but they invest a lot of time into coding procedures. Their code is clean and done right.”

CTO, Memento Group

Problem-solvers with a suggestions-giving attitude

“We decided to upgrade the infrastructure and back-end activities, as well as the content itself. After modifying our website, we have made a huge step forward. The timeline was crucial for us, and it was met from Innobyte side. Their responsiveness was more than expected.”

Marketing Agent, Tobacco Company

The deciding factor in choosing them was their knowledge of AWS & Magento

“They managed every aspect of our e-commerce website, from integrating payment services to front-end design, as well as all kinds of projects to improve site speed, navigation and more. After the migration to AWS, they supported us in maintaining the site, implemented new features and updated the platform to Magento 2.4. The results: a +40% increase in e-commerce Conversion rate, avg. page load time: -9%, avg. server response time: -25%.”

Head of E-Commerce, namuk GmbH

They were easy to work with, and they took our goals seriously

“Innobyte initially customised the solutions we needed to run our e-commerce operations before conducting Magento 2 and Microsoft integration for our ERP system. They also devised customised features and implemented core functionalities. We generated more than €1 million and an NPS score of 92 a year after our product launch, with 89% of our transactions coming from mobile devices. It was easy to tell that Innobyte performed an excellent job.”

VP of Sales, E-Commerce Company


Let’s take your eCommerce project to the next level!

Drop us a message at [email protected] and tell us about your business needs. Our colleagues will help you identify the right eCommerce solution for your project. 

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