Cătălin Bordei, Innobyte, at European Digital Commerce: Re-platforming is a hot yet challenging topic

Catalin Bordei, Innobyte, re-platforming is a challenging topic

On the 4th of May, Innobyte participated in one of the most important and landmark events for the entire retail and eCommerce industry in the region, European Digital Commerce, hosted by VTEX, as a Main Partner.

Cătălin Bordei, our Managing Partner, was one of the speakers on one of the main panels and talked about the latest news and trends in eCommerce, platforms, performance and integration of eCommerce solutions. Innobyte shared the experience gained in complex projects developed for clients from various industries and countries.

During his talk, Cătălin brought up an essential point for those who want to change their eCommerce platform. Online stores with an ongoing re-platforming project or thinking of implementing such a process must consider several aspects. Catalin Bordei, Managing Partner Innobyte, said at European Digital Commerce, hosted by VTEX and powered by Innobyte, that re-platforming is a hot yet challenging topic:

Before you think about technology, you need to consider the needs of your business. You don’t have to start directly with the technology but with the needs of your business because your company has certain needs and requirements. When the current platform no longer responds to business needs, it’s the right time to consider a change.

Cătălin Bordei, Managing Partner Innobyte

Read more about his intervention and key aspects of re-platforming on Wall-Street.

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