sendSMS outsources custom developments to Innobyte and a few other trusted partners

sendSMS, a flourishing SMS Marketing & Mobile Advertising company, has decided to outsource custom development requests to a few trusted partners. Innobyte is one of the IT companies on their short list of recommendations.

sendSMS continues to focus on updating the online SMS-sending application and developing native SMS plugins for worldwide platforms, to help businesses engage in SMS & Chat Marketing without specialized staff.
But as businesses increasingly focus on notification automation, multi-channel communication, process integration, future developments are necessary. Thus, sendSMS decided to make a short list of IT partners available to its customers to help them with custom web developments. Among them, API integrations, cross-platform implementations, configuring multi-channel notifications, developing innovative software solutions, or simply creating personalized landing pages for SMS campaigns.
sendSMS clients who are active in eCommerce and need customized developments can call directly, without an intermediary, on Innobyte’s services.

“Our goal is to provide customers with reliable ways to develop their applications and automate their processes, automatically leading to greater use of sendSMS services. Therefore, we leave it up to the clients to choose the providers they want to work with without any middleman, and we do not charge any commission to the IT companies we refer. We are glad that Innobyte responded to our proposal, and we trust that they will provide effective solutions to customers, regardless of the complexity of their projects.” – Liviu Băltoi, manager

sendSMS offers eCommerce businesses a secure online interface from which they can directly send bulk SMS and free SMS plugins. The plugins are compatible with the most popular eCommerce CMS (Magento, PrestaShop, OpenCart, CS Cart, Woocommerce, Shopify, etc.) to deliver SMS directly from the online store admin panel. Through the SMS plugin, transactional or advertising SMS can be sent to phone numbers in the database, segmented by purchased product, period, minimum order amount, and county. Or messages can be sent selectively to customers who have placed orders on the site.

SMS solutions successfully meet the varied needs of communication in eCommerce: order confirmations, delivery notifications, product stock alerts, notifications for the recovery of abandoned baskets, SMS with short links to pages with discounts and promotions, vouchers received via SMS after scanning a QR Code etc. When requirements exceed the features of sendSMS products or complementary developments are needed, customers can directly call on Innobyte’s services.

“SMS has been one of the most effective engagement marketing tools in recent years. The world’s largest retailers have decided to automate the sending of SMS to inform customers at different stages of interaction with their brands. Their utility has also been successfully validated in the local eCommerce market. Innobyte has some of the most experienced specialists and a vast portfolio of e-commerce projects. Our expertise makes us a reliable partner for any company that wants to take advantage of the utility and efficiency of engagement marketing tools such as SMS automation solutions or to implement the best functionalities in their online store” – Cătălin Bordei, Managing Partner of Innobyte


More about Innobyte

Innobyte is a Romanian software development company specializing in eCommerce, aiming to maximize its partners’ business potential by developing secure, scalable and innovative eCommerce platforms. In addition to the eCommerce development and maintenance services offered, Innobyte provides security, analysis and performance improvement, audit and business consulting services. In its 15 years of activity, the company has developed software applications for clients operating in technology, retail, services, health, legal, tourism or fashion.

More about Innobyte here:

More about sendSMS

sendSMS has over 14 years in the SMS notification market in Romania, and for more than 7 years, the company has been active internationally in over 170 countries. sendSMS customers operate in various fields, from Banking, eCommerce, Retail, to Radio/TV. The company’s solutions successfully respond to multiple communication and marketing needs: sales growth, brand building, CRM, loyalty and retention campaigns, direct responses for TV, radio or print advertising campaigns.

sendSMS products and services include Bulk SMS, RCS Business Notifications (Interactive Rich Media SMS), Viber Notifications, Two-way SMS, Mail2SMS, SMS2Mail, Short URL, QR Code, 2 Factor Authentication and One Time Password via SMS, Mobile Advertising based on GSM operators, Native SMS Modules, Integrations via sendSMS API. 

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