Black Friday 2022 – predictions and trends

Black Friday 2022 is just around the corner. How do online retailers approach the sales event in 2022 in times of new crises such as high inflation and energy problems? What are the expectations for this year? What are the latest trends in eCommerce? How well prepared are the platforms for the peak season? Our Managing Partner, Cătălin Bordei, responded to these questions in recent interviews for Economedia and Business Review


Black Friday expectations for 2022

Black Friday remains one of the most important sales campaigns for businesses and an awaited event for consumers, even though we are confronting new crises. Inflation and the energy crisis will influence both the budgets of online stores for organizing Black Friday campaigns and the purchasing decision of consumers. However, online commerce has several competitive advantages in front of all these challenges. Consumers appreciate these advantages, and they are getting familiar with the processes.

Unlike traditional commerce stores, it allows consumers to compare prices, select the best deal, pay through the most modern online payment methods (buy now, pay later of installment payment), to buy at any time, from anywhere. All these bring benefits to the consumers by allowing them to save money and time. Many brands have already announced their participation in this year’s Black Friday edition and expect higher sales than last year.

How well prepared are the platforms for Black Friday?

Year after year, we see online shops that welcome their clients with more optimized platforms, infrastructures, and smoother processes; This is a result of all the investments in their platforms. Well done, guys! If you want to invest money in your marketing campaigns, but the platform doesn’t support your business needs, you immediately lose the opportunity to increase sales.

When our clients decide to organize a Black Friday campaign, we start by analyzing the platform to identify the potential errors and performance issues that can complicate or even affect the sale-buy process and bottlenecks that can cost the retailer significant percentages of sales. We also provide them with adequate technical recommendations to maximize their business results.

What are the trends in eCommerce? 

There are more and more online shops out there. For consumers, it means more offers and better products and services. For businesses, the increased competition brings more challenges and efforts to stand out in a noisy market. In the end, who is going to win? The answer is simple: the businesses that provide a smooth navigation, purchasing and delivery experience, excellent customer services and a platform aligned with the latest trends.

Here are some of the most important trends in eCommerce:

  • online payments – buy now, pay later or payment in instalments;
  • delivery in lockers;
  • hyper-personalization of shopping experiences;
  • niche online stores;
  • selling through marketplaces;
  • omnichannel strategies through which companies combine the online experience with that in physical stores;
  • Live commerce – companies include live streaming in their online stores to attract shoppers and increase sales.

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