Coffee. Is the planet shaking or is it just us?

We don’t know about you, but we are addicted to coffee.

No one knows exactly how or when coffee was discovered. According to a legend, an Ethiopian goatherd discovered coffee when he noticed how excited his goats became after eating the beans from a coffee plant. A few centuries later, coffee has the same effect on people.

Here’s why coffee is so important to our developers:

  • Coffee allows us not to kill each other in the bad days

Honestly, we all have bad days. We are humans. Just imagine. You finally came up with a solution to fix that bug in your code, and then your QA colleague discovers another 3. What do you do in this situation? Coffee.

  • Coffee acts as a connector between us

Did you hear about the saying “but first, coffee?” Our days start with a coffee with our colleagues. It is one of our favourite parts, where we meet and share small moments of dolce far niente. And there are the coffee breaks when our colleagues yell whisper in the office: “Coffee???”. Coffee!

We are coffee lovers. We basically run on coffee. We adore it not for its function to keep us awake, but for the taste. And yes, we turn coffee into code. With a cup of good coffee in our hands, we are closer to succeeding in our tasks with every sip! So, coffee? Coffee!

  • The cure for hangovers late meetings

There are occasions when we have late meetings with our team members, those type of meetings held in pubs when we replace the cups of coffee with beer mugs. You know how these things go. Some of them extend until late in the night. For the rough mornings, we have the survival kit. Coffee!


We are coffee lovers. We are also team players and have fun together! Wanna join us? We promise you cool projects and plenty of coffee for all the above reasons. We have some job available in our Magento development team. No matter if you are a coffee lover or not, come and join us for a cup! The coffee’s on us!

Send us your resume at [email protected] or apply directly on our career page.


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