Docketo | Personal Assistant – new CRM solution for very small and small companies from Innobyte

Docketo | Personal Assistant is the new customer relationship management solution that Innobyte is addressing to very small and small-sized companies, as a smart, friendly and very easy to use business tool aiming for a simpler and more efficient tracking of the sales activity.

We are fully aware that we are entering a market that is already packed with various CRM solutions for small businesses. Nevertheless, we have developed Docketo taking into account our own business needs, thus simplifying processes and creating a tool that is not only user friendly and covering basic business necessities, but which is also highly accessible and very fun to use.” Cătălin Șomfălean, C.E.O, Innobyte

Docketo is a smart and simple application that supports customer relationship management, but it is built as a personal assistant supporting day-to-day sales activity.

Our aim is to offer companies an accessible Software as a Service (SaaS) tool and to encourage the implementation of such solutions in businesses of all sizes. We believe sales tracking is better done this way, and we are big fans of mobility, thus encouraging a well-organized activity which is serving both companies and clients. Docketo is built to assist sales persons or departments in managing customer relationship in a very simple and friendly manner, wherever they are.” Ramona Orlenschi, Product Manager, Innobyte

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Docketo supports sales by keeping all information in one place and making it accessible from all devices (desktop, laptop, tablets or mobile phones). This is not limited to information about companies that are being prospected, but it extends to keeping track of offers sent to clients, scheduled meetings and status updates. Reporting is done with just one click, allowing a significant time economy as compared to classic reporting activity. Docketo supports a sales person with meeting notifications that are sent directly to their inboxes, as well as offer reminders sent on a fixed period of time to ensure follow-up and constant contact with the clients.

Sales team managers will find great help with Docketo, as it allows an overview of the overall sales activity, as well as individual tracking. Docketo allows easy transfer of portfolio, ensuring continuity and information not being lost or overlooked in the relationship with the clients. Sales managers will accordingly gain valuable time for strategic planning, and further developing offers that are competitive and drive business development!

Docketo is available now in premium version. As a launching gift to our customers the Premium Account is offered free for all registrations done until September 1st, 2015, and no later charges will be applied. The Premium Account allows adding of an unlimited number of users (Power User and Regular Users), unlimited number of companies and 5 GB storage space.

Registration can be done here:

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