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Dyo Romania web site has a new look

The well known actor on the paint and lacquer for home design market decided to „revamp its house” and asked us for help in order to finish the project. Thus, starting this week, dyo-romania.ro web site has a new look.

The web site is created on the Word Press platform, taking into account and maintaining the brand elements that are representative for DYO. Dyo-romania.ro is meant to inform the client about the company and the products they sell. For this purpose, there is a section of the web site that presents, on categories, the big groups of products and the products associated with. Furthermore, each product has its own page where the clients find all the information they need and, also, a form with the help of which you can ask DYO specialists for advice.

Even more, with the help of a custom made application, you can calculate the quantity of paint necessary depending on the room it will be used for, the type of paint that you choose, etc and the result you can print and use as a guide when at the store.

The web site is meant to help the client who has decided to redesign his home. Thus, we invite you to visit dyo-romania.ro when you need a great consultant for this domain.

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