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Facebook launched Skype Video Chat

All the web development magazines, web sites and blogs have been raging, lately, about Google+ Project, a social network that Google has been preparing for some time and that, also, is supposed to be more interesting, more interactive and more complex that the actual number one social network, Facebook.

Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, being aware of the impact that Google+ will have and also wanting to avert the competition the right way, launched a new service, Facebook Skype Video Chat.

The service, as you probably figured out from the name, was developed in partnership with Skype and allows Facebook users to communicate online, video, without leaving the web site. All that the users need to do is download a small plug-in and there you go instant online video chat! You can communicate through the chat tab: you initiate a new conversation, press the Video Chat button and you’ll be face to face with your friend.

The Facebook chat had many bugs to begin with so we’re still aloof when it comes to the functionality of the service, but, we’ll test it and see for ourselves. We also invite you to share your opinions!

Below you’ll find a movie that presents Facebook Skype Video Chat:

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