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Four useful and interesting web apps

A few weeks ago we presented you with a list of web apps you should try. On the same criterion, in this article, we’ll continue the list with other web apps interesting and useful for both web developers and those who sped the majority of time in front of the computer.

Clicky is the perfect tool for those who wish to keep track of their web site’s traffic. A sort of Google Analytics, Clicky is easier to use and understand. You can see in real time what users are on what pages, where they come from, how much time they’ve spent on the page, etc.

Aviary is an online photo editing tool. Obviously, it’s no Photoshop, but it allows photo editing at a level that would satisfy even a web developer. You can upload pictures or paste the link where the picture is and then, all you have to do is edit it with the help of the right pannel.

SugarSync is a sort of Dropbox where you can store your files which afterwards you can access form any device or system. At first you are given 5 GB but by creating a premium account the space can be widened. Thus, you can backup any file from your computer, you can upload and sync via e-mail and other interesting things.

SocialMention is a kind of Google for Social Media searches. It is extremely useful for seeing opinions on subjects that interest you or you need to be informed about for different reasons. Also, it shows you a keywords top in order for you to find the most popular expression to use for finding what you need.

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