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Google Chrome extensions helpful for Google+

It’s not something new that Google+, Facebook’s main competitor, was launched. Its success is incredible, gaining almost 10 million users in the project stage that is at the moment.

Despite the fact that it hasn’t got all the functionalities working and is still being tested, the users invaded the web site to see firsthand the newest Google product. In order to help those who just can’t wait, Google worked out some extensions for Google Chrome that are useful to those who socialize on Google+.

G+ Count in title is the extension that shows in the tite of the browser, between brackets, the number of notifications in Google+, regardless of the tab or web page you are on at that moment.

G+ Extended is an extension that adds more useful shortcuts for using Google+. With only one key you can post, expand comments, etc. Also, the web development team at Google is opened for other ideas that may come from the users.

Helper for Google+ is the most complex extension of those that we present you. It allows sharing Google+ posts with Twitter users, translating them with Google Translate in the language you choose, the notification of the user on the desktop, with sound and a few other functionalities.

+Comment Toggle is very useful if you don’t want spending a lot of time scrolling through a large number of comments in order to find what you are looking for. Thus, +Comment Toggle hides all the comments leaving just the posts visible. Of course, you can expand the list of comments if you wish to do so.

Extended Share for Google Plus adds a “Share on” button that allows you to share the same post from Google+ with the users of Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

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