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Google Reader is shutting down

Dear friends,

We have bad news for you: Google Reader is closing down. Starting with 1st of July 2013, Google Reader will no longer be active.

Personally, I am very sad to hear this news. Google Reader had become a trustworthy friend, that showed me the hottest news from IT&C, Marketing, photography and… fashion. It worked perfectly together with a cup of coffee in the morning.

This decision affects also many 3rd party apps, such as Reeder, FeedDemon or Pulp. Some called this moment as being the ”RSS Sync Apocalypse”.

It is time to start searching for alternative apps. Mashable’s team has made up a short list (some of them pretty old, some of them still need some extra work, but it sure that some new solutions will be developed SOON). On this list we have:

  • Feedly – one could say it is the best RSS Feed app on the market now;
  • Fever – a Web-based app, optimized for mobile and desktop, but you need to host it yourself (on your own domain, PHP installation and MySQL database) and pay 30$ for it;
  • NewsBlur –you can have access to up to 64 Feeds, but with 1$, you can read an unlimited number of feeds. They say that Google Reader was developed on their business model;
  • The Old Reader – they say they’re the old Google Reader, but with extra features!
  • Managing News  -if you are the DIY type, then you’ll love this app. Mashable says it’s very promising, so let’s keep an eye on it;
  • Twitter lists – if you ask me, I would not recommend it as a replacement for Google Reader. It’s hard to follow and you can easily bury yourself in feeds.

Which one do you choose?

Andreea Paraschiv

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