How we learned to love Mondays

Even though it is just another day of the week, we can agree that Monday is the most difficult one for many of us. You know the story: the weekend is over and you have to wake up early. The traffic is awful and everybody’s grumpy. Once again, Monday wins the award for the worst day of the week.

We all hate it, but even so, Monday has feelings as well. So we thought, let’s do something about this relationship. Is there a way to turn it into something more bearable?

This is the story of how we learned to love Mondays. Friends, please meet #WorkFromHomeMonday.

work from home monday

The idea

Two years ago we came up with the idea of offering to our colleagues a better start of the week, with the possibility to work remotely on Mondays.

#WorkFromHomeMonday has been conceived as a non-financial benefit for our colleagues, as a solution to save time, to avoid the morning traffic on Monday, and also a proof that we can be (even more) productive when working remotely in the first day of the week.

We didn’t know what impact it would have, so we announced it not as a rule, but as an option. So, our colleagues were free to choose whether they wanted to work from the office, or remotely.

Two years later

Our relationship with Monday has changed from “it’s complicated” to “a serious commitment”!

Yes, there are days and days, and Monday remains Monday. Still, we’ve discovered a way to change the saying “oh no, the weekend is over, and tomorrow I have to wake up early” into “oh no, the weekend is over, but at least I can work from home”.

#WorkfromhomeMonday has become one of the most important non-financial benefits for our team members.

A few months ago, we’ve conducted an internal study to identify how important are the non-financial benefits to our colleagues, and what are the most appreciated ones.

The results showed that 88% of our colleagues said that non-financial benefits are an important aspect to them, which contributes to their satisfaction in a company.

We don’t mean to brag (actually, we do), but 94% of our colleagues said that the non-financial benefits offered by Innobyte are very attractive to them.

83% of our colleagues said that #workfromhomeMonday is a very important benefit for them, and 79% of them feel more comfortable when working remotely on Monday.

#WorkFromHomeMonday…or from wherever we want!

We call it #WorkFromHomeMonday. Even so, our colleagues choose to work from wherever they want: from the seaside, from a terrace or from the park!

“It all started as a test, but with the intention to offer a great non-financial benefit to our team members. Now, after two years since the implementation, we have proved to ourselves that we can be as productive when working remotely as when we are at the office.

It is difficult to quantify the actual impact of #WorkFromHomeMonday implementation, but I feel that most of the people I work with appreciate a lot that they can choose to work from home on Mondays. I feel them more relaxed and motivated.

I strongly believe that if all companies implemented one day a week to work from home, the world would be a less polluted place, and there would be happier employees.”

Alexandru Tudor, Head of Project Management Office

In the end, we’d like to tell you that we’re willing to share this benefit with you! We’re always looking for new team members in our development team so, if you’re looking for a career change, write to us at [email protected].

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