Innobyte employees can work from home permanently

Bucharest – Septembrie 21, 2021: Innobyte, a Romanian software development company specialized in eCommerce and one of the main players in this market, announces that it has decided to offer team members the opportunity to work remotely indefinitely, without forcing them to return to the office.

Four years ago, Innobyte successfully implemented a work from home project through which team members could choose whether they wanted to work from the office or home on Mondays every week. The Work from home Monday program was appreciated by employees and management, and the company registered the same productivity and increased the team’s well-being.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, in March 2020, the Innobyte team has operated remotely. After analyzing several work scenarios, productivity reports and employee surveys, the company decided to continue with an exclusively remote work system without imposing a deadline to return to the office while offering the possibility to colleagues who want to work from the headquarters in Bucharest or Cluj.

“Since the pandemic’s beginning, we have proven that we can run our activity very well in a remote system. We were constantly close to our colleagues, both online, through regular video meetings, formal and informal, in which we could find out their preferences regarding returning to the office, and offline, by organizing a meeting with all colleagues. Our team works excellently remotely. This benefit contributes to the well-being and creates the feeling of security in the persistent context of the pandemic, and we want to maintain a framework adapted to the needs of the team members.” Cătălin Bordei, Managing Partner Innobyte.

Online recruitment and onboarding

Innobyte currently has a team of 40 people and plans to increase it by 20% in the next six months. Recruitment campaigns and processes, as well as the onboarding process, take place exclusively online. The company has thus expanded its geographical area in recruitment, so it hires specialists from any city in the country. Currently, approximately 20% of new colleagues are from outside Bucharest.fel că angajează specialiști din orice oraș al țării.

“The pandemic provided us with the ideal context to hire specialists from all cities of the country – we have eliminated geographical barriers. In addition to Bucharest, cities such as Cluj and Iasi are some of the most important centres for developing the IT sector in Romania, where more and more valuable and passionate programmers continue to stand out, and we intend to identify them and open new positions.” Cătălin Bordei, Managing Partner Innobyte.

Innobyte is currently recruiting eCommerce specialists with open positions for Magento 2 programmers with different levels of experience, especially mid and senior-level candidates.

Innobyte customers are important players in the local and regional industries of technology, retail, services, health, banking, law, tourism and fashion. The Innobyte portfolio includes companies such as British American Tobacco, Noriel, European Space Agency (ESA), Fashion Days, eMag, PayU, iStyle, Denner Weinshop, and F64.

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