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ItInnoTalks by Innobyte’s been more than a year since we launched InnoTalks, a series of presentations held by our team, here, in Innobyte, on different topics, from web development, to quality assurance, latest technologies, project management, start-ups and so on.

We believe that learning is a continuous process and that success comes from intelligence, hard work and passion. That’s why we value every single chance to improve our knowledge, and what is the best way to do it if not learning from each other? And, hey, we seem to be always doing it in a fun way!

This is what InnoTalks means to us: learning from each other in a fun way!

We have super smart colleagues, and they are happy to share their knowledge with the rest of the team on our periodic InnoTalks meetings. They seem to like their teaching position, too. The meetings are held after hours, in our cozy relaxing room, and we can’t be anything but proud of the big number of colleagues who attend the sessions very other Thursday.

Last week we had the 11th edition, and we hope that there will be many more to come!


Here are the hot subjects from our previous editions:

InnoTalks #1 – PHP Unit testing and Java Unit testing: presentations held by Cosmin P. and Bogdan C.

  • PHP Unit testing using Symfony2
  • What is Unit Testing? What is the Symfony “way”? Best practices and solutions
  • How to Java Unit Testing; What are the existing frameworks? What are the differences between Java Unit testing and PHP Unit testing?

InnoTalks #2 – Codeception: a presentation held by Alexandra B.

  • Codeception – the secret of the best web testing QA
  • Automated testing with Codeception
  • How to start writing Codeception tests professionally

InnoTalks #3– RabbitMQ and Supervisord: a presentation held by Alin A.

  • How to create a system of workers by using RabbitMQ monitored through Supervisord

InnoTalks #4 – Product Management: a presentation held by Ramona O.

  • Product Management role and responsibilities in a company
  • What are the key factors in having a successful product?

InnoTalks #5 – Magento: a presentation held by Doina B.

  • Reasons to use Magento for your e-commerce website
  • Magento Solution Specialist Certification

InnoTalks #6 – Selenium: a presentation held by Albert N.

  • What is Selenium?
  • Automated Testing with Selenium

InnoTalks #7 – Symfony Best Practices Analysis: a presentation held by Sorin D.

  • Symfony Best Practices – Analysis

InnoTalks #8 – JavaScript: a presentation held by Ionut T.

  • JavaScript; What is JavaScript?
  • Hot to use the JavaScript language

InnoTalks #9 – GIT: a presentation held by Marius B.

  • An introduction to Git

InnoTalks #10 – Anniversary presentation held by Innobyte’s CEO, Catalin S.

  • An overview of Innobyte’s beginning up to present times, and a presentation about our team.

InnoTalks #11 –Networking: a presentation held by Alin A.

  • Networking – basic information

Did we spark your interest? We were excited to find out that people from outside the company were interested in joining our internal debates. So, why don’t you attend to one or more of our meetings? You are more than welcome anytime! 🙂 Feel free to write a short message to [email protected] with your contact information and interest and we’ll let you know when the next edition of InnoTalks will be held!

Here are some pictures from our meetings:

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