Lessons learned from our internship programmes

More than 11 years ago, we embraced a motto called “always eager to attract new talents among us”. Over the years, we have had the chance to discover many passionate and skilled people, and build our team with dedicated colleagues.

Our activity grants us the possibility to permanently create new positions at Innobyte, especially with every new and big project that arises. As the business demands, we are focused on identifying experienced web and mobile developers, QA engineers, project managers, front-end developers and designers.

The need to expand our team with trained people, capable to work on complex tasks from the very start is undeniable. But what about young people without experience?

Three years ago, we started our first internship programme, driven by the desire to support juniors along their career development journey. It was one of our soul projects (it still is), meant to identify juniors without working experience, but with an essential level of theoretical technical knowledge, and guide them along the road to becoming web or mobile developers.

Planned as intensive learning programmes, with both theoretical and applied stages, and dedicated mentors, our internships have all the ingredients to ensure great results. And yes they are, even more than satisfying, considering the fact that the interns became our colleagues at the end of the internship programmes. Still, that’s not all. During our internships, all of us had something to learn from this experience, not only the interns.

Internship at Innobyte

We grew as mentors

Mentorship isn’t for everybody. It requires abilities and skills, effort, willingness to dedicate your time, and most of all, commitment to share your knowledge with others.

Our senior colleagues were more than excited to enroll in the mission to guide juniors. However, they faced challenges never encountered before. With patience and dedication, they managed to perform as an accelerator in juniors’ professional development. In the end, the internship programmes have proven to be a mutual growing experience for both interns and mentors.

Interns’ enthusiasm is contagious

As Ralph Waldo Emerson said, nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm. Our interns did a great job in reminding us that. Seeing them so thrilled to have the opportunity to learn and discover more about web and mobile development was a great sight for us. They took the chance and managed to get the most out of the internship programmes.

Never underestimate the value that an intern can bring to your company

Yes, they don’t have experience, and no, they won’t be able to work on real projects immediately, but having interns in your company is like a breath of fresh air.

Just imagine – you’re bringing to your company people with a fresh mindset, future professionals born in a generation who grew up having access to information and technology at the palm of their hand. They will bring a new perspective on your company’s concerns and they just might come up with better ways of dealing with day to day tasks or challenges.

Interns are team players and reliable colleagues

Interns know that no mentor is going to pass them major tasks from the beginning. Still, they are interested in helping you as much as they can. Pass them real tasks to help them practice their theoretical knowledge, and you can be sure that they will give their best in solving them, the smartest and fastest way possible. Our interns proved to be trustworthy colleagues, eager to learn and to make themselves useful from the very start.

Investing in people is the right thinking for your company

Our people are our greatest asset and this mindset has led us to where we are today. They play an important role in the creation and the improvement of our professional and friendly work environment. For that, thumbs up, guys!

Whether we’re talking about investing in tomorrow’s generation or in our team, one thing is for sure – in a permanently changing business environment, keeping your members updated and sharp is vital. Inspire them to make continuous learning a priority and support their personal and professional development.

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