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New practical web apps

By October 10, 2011 No Comments

Presenting you interesting web apps became some sort of tradition so we’ll continue the list with five more web apps we thought fit to be brought to the web developer’s attention for inspiration and to the attention of those who spend quite a lot of time in front of the computer due to the fact that they are truly practical.

Thus, we’ll start with an app for those who wish to buy a domain name. iWantMyName offers its clients more than 90 extensions to choose from. So, if the domain name you desire is no longer available for .ro or .com, then chances are you will still be able to keep it using another extension. Concurrently, with the help of this app you can set up Google apps, Blogger and other services of the sort easy and quickly.


If you wish to check and buy a domain name with .ro extension, then you can try itld.ro, a web app developed by Innobyte which verifies instantly the availability, as you type in the word.


In order to change the registry a little, we bring to you Recipefy. Mainly a social network for recipes, this is a web app both nice and useful for those who like cooking. Thus, you can share recopies with those who follow you and you can also follow people who share recopies you like. A similar app was presented a few weeks ago in the August’s web apps article.


For those who spend a lot of their time on the social networks, Yoono web app makes their life easier. It unifies all the social sources and allows sharing info form a single place. Even more, it comes in different versions such as web app, iPhone app and desktop app. Thus it allows synchronizing status messages on various web sites and also it allows you to stay connected wherever you are.


Crowdbooster is a very useful web app for marketers because it shows what works and what doesn’t work in regards to your social media marketing strategy. You can see graphics with the number of people that follow you, your posts that have been shared by others, a top with the posts others shared and other important info that help you create a picture of how successful your marketing campaign is.


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