Nice Move, Gmail!


Gmail has prepared some smart changes to our Inbox -and it was about time!

The new gmail will automatically create 5 tabs: Primary, Social, Offers, Updates and Forums. This way, your inbox will be better organized – I’m sure everybody had a problem with the massive amount of newsletters we receive.

These changes will slowly be implemented into the Web, iOS and Adroid versions of Gmail. Check out their video:

If this got you intrigued, you might be able check out the Web version. Click on the Settings icon (top-right), click on ”Settings” and search for a “Configure Inbox”. If you have it and you click on it, changes will appear! You can choose which tabs should appear – if for example the Forums tab is not relevant to you, you can choose from the Settings menu not to show it. You can further on play with your e-mails -change categories and so on.

What do you think about these changes?

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