The story of 2020 – one year of remote work

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Long story short: oh, boy, what a year! 2020 has taught us that things can move forward with the right mindset. The bottom line is that we can adapt and continue our activity using the existing resources and the advantages that technology brings to our new normal, despite physical distancing and challenges.

“Change, adapt, overcome” has been our motto since the beginning of the pandemic. On a positive note, we like to think of 2020 as a year of change, digital transformation, growth and focus on what matters.

From #workfromhomeMonday to #workfromhomelife – one year of remote work

Hello, there! Did you believe that this pandemic would last three weeks or maybe less, and things would return to normal afterwards? High five! We did too. As the world marks one year of pandemic, we can relate more than ever to Mike Tyson’s quote: “everyone has a plan until they’re punched in the face”, as 2020 was a massive punch in the face for all of us.

Our top priority has been the safety and wellbeing of our team members and partners. Therefore, early on in the pandemic, we shifted our activity to remote working for a short time. Little did we know that this decision would turn into an unlimited #workfromhome plan. One year later, our activity continues online. Our amazing team members did such a great job in these past 12 months, and they keep rolling! Congrats, team! Due to our dedication, professionalism and optimism, the results exceeded our expectations!

Work hard, play hard and be the one who makes positive changes

2020 was an intense year for us, despite the challenges for many industries. Our objective was to provide solutions with long-term business results for our local and international partners, to sustain their business growth strategy and adapt their platforms to the actual context.

The positive evolution resulted from the increasing demand for services from our current partners and their needs to develop and secure their platforms in the favourable background for digital and eCommerce development.

Our first online software development internship

July 2020 marked the beginning of the first online software development and eCommerce internship programme organised by Innobyte. We are happy to say that all four interns did very well and became our colleagues, full-time developers.

It is our responsibility to play an active role in young professionals’ career development, as we aim to share our knowledge with the new generation of programmers. The internship was a total success, despite the downsides of remote work and lack of face-to-face interaction.

Raise your hand if you’re thankful for a good internet connection, Zoom, online shopping and Netflix!

Adapting and overcoming challenges has become a must-have skill for everyone in these uncommon times, especially in a physical distancing and COVID restrictions era. We need to move forward and focus on what we can do instead of what we cannot do.

Even though nothing can substitute for a face to face meeting, a talk or a coffee break with the team members, we try to create as many online connections as possible at Innobyte with our team members and partners. Oh, by the way, who would have thought that an online Christmas party on Zoom would become a thing?

What’s next?

The eCommerce boom will continue in 2021, as the pandemic has accelerated the eCommerce industry’s growth. Many brick and mortar stores have taken their businesses online to keep their activity going. With more than ever eCommerce stores globally, for online retailers to get noticed, they need to adapt themselves to remain competitive and stay on top of eCommerce trends to attract and retain customers.

As we move forward, we encourage businesses to improve their online presence, secure their platforms, and check the performance and condition of their platforms. Our mission is to help companies grow through technology, and we aim to remain in the middle of the action, with a significant role in our partners’ business growth.

It’s going to be another busy year for eCommerce! Are you in?

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