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ProCredit Bank's web site has been launched

Lately we’ve started enriching out portfolio with more and more projects that we plan on presenting them in detail, an article for each one, because every single project is managed with the same importance and dedication from our team. Thus, going straight to the point, we launched the new ProCredit Bank Website.

Procredit Bank

Procreditbank.ro offers its visitors complete information so that they are aware of each detail when they decide to use the services the bank has to offer. Furthermore, with the help of the calculator integrated in the web site, the potential clients can calculate their interest rates in regards to the operation they wish to carry out.

The web site was developed on a custom CMS, especially created so that it will mould to the client’s needs and requirements. The platform allows visitors to apply online for credits with the help of specific forms, apply for the jobs the bank has opened, get info about the exchange rate directly from the web site and also the easy access to information due to a user friendly interface.

In regards to the design, we kept the identity elements of the company but we worked with them in such a way to obtain a web site with an attractive and dynamic appearance and at the same time maintaining the serious tone specific to the banking domain.

Thus, we invite you to visit the website and see for yourselves the end result!

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