Technology. Digitalization. Innovation – what’s next?

Digitalization is not a prediction anymore; it is what we witness every day.


Yesterday, we went to a business conference, organized by Oracle. Every time we attend an event focused on technology and innovation, we get another confirmation that change is happening in our lives. Digitalization is not a prediction anymore; it is what we witness every day.

A few years ago, we were talking about the future and the predictions for 2020. Now, when we are almost there, the question is: where to next? Everybody loves progress, but are we ready to embrace change? Small steps are better than no step.

technologyA few years ago we were wondering how technology is going to impact our lives, our jobs and our existence. There were 3 sides: the enthusiasts, the sceptics and the ones with a neutral position. Nowadays, we are still talking about the future, but the future is happening now. Technology, innovation and digitalization – these are today’s buzzwords.

Companies around the world talk about how digitalization is reshaping and helping their businesses. No matter the industry or the department, technology proves its benefits in the optimization of their activity.

As a speaker said yesterday, at Modern Business Forum Bucharest, technology is not the end goal. It’s the way that leads to progress. How can technology and digitalization help you? Well, the sky is the limit. From whatever position you own in a company, think big and follow your intuition whenever you come up with an idea. That’s how innovation happens!

We received an unconventional piece of advice yesterday, and we thought about sharing it with you. If you have an idea… just go for it. If it turns bad, you can apologize after. You can even quote Thomas Edison: “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work”.

If you want to go digital, we are eager to meet your challenges! Our conference rooms have heard a lot of great ideas. And it all starts with a hello and a cup of coffee. 


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