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Top 5 Free Magento Extensions by Innobyte for your store

Having an online store is a great experience, but not an easy job! You have all the responsibilities of an offline shop and some more on top. Beside the fact that you have to manage all your physical products, you also have to administrate your online platform and permanently add new features. Customers are more selective and more demanding, and a shop’s design and features matter a lot in the online competitive market.

Having said that, we thought it will come in handy for you to know that you have a number of free extensions that help administrate your store easily, which you can get from our Magento Shop .

Here’s a quick description of our top 5 free Magento extensions and the reasons you should have them installed in your Magento store.

PayU Lite Extension

It is important to have as many payment methods as possible on your online store. If you give your clients the possibility to choose their preferred payment method, you have more chances to increase your sales. PayU Lite helps your clients pay the products they buy from your online store. It supports the following credit card types: Visa, MasterCard, JCB, and Diners Club. If this kind of situation appears, PayU Lite allows partial or full refund to your clients, as well.

Banner Slider

If you have more than one campaign on your store and you want to have equal visibility for all in order to attract clients, Banner Slider is the best extension for you. You can display as many banners as you want. Banners with hyperlink included will redirect the customers to your desired page on your store. It’s simple, easy and it’s free!

Average Product Reviews

The Average Product Reviews extension gives valuable insights to your potential customers supporting their decision of buying your products.  This extension is a strong tool to boost your sales, as well as to know what your customers think about your product.

Cron Scheduler

Cron Scheduler helps you set up crons without any technical knowledge. You can see the status of all scheduled Cron jobs (Pending, Error, Running, Missed, Success) and also have an overview on scheduled tasks.


Do you have your product pictures stored in different places? Our Image Picker extension helps you upload pictures from different locations like: Amazon Cloud, Box, Google Drive, One Drive, Gmail, Instagram, Evernote, Facebook, Flickr, GitHub, Link (URL), Picasa, Web Images, FTP or My computer.

Try our free extensions on your Magento store and tell us what you think about them on Magento Connect. A surprise is (where else) in store for you!

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