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Twitter launches its own web analytics

By September 16, 2011 2 Comments

The Twitter Network has counted in 2011 over 200 million accounts and if you’re one of those who have one, than this article will certainly make you happy!

Whether we like it or not, we must be aware of the fact that the Social Media plays an important part in regards to the success of web sites. Not long ago we spoke about the influence of user generated content on SEO and now, one of the most popular social networks draws  our attention on the influence that social networks have in relation with the traffic generated on web sites, launching a new useful app.


Twitter is launching the Twitter Web Analytics app which will provide companies with info regarding the efficiency of integrating Twitter in their web sites. Mainly, the app wants to clarify three aspects: how much content of the users web site is posted on Twitter, how much traffic Twitter generates and, also, how well the Tweet buttons work.

The app resembles Google Analytics but is centered on the Twitter activity. The app will show the client the number of Tweets about the content of his web site, which Tweets generated most traffic and which Tweets were most shared.


The web app is still in beta version and it’s free. In a few weeks, Twitter promises to make it available for all web site holders, at the time being  tested by only a small group of partners, and also, to develop an API for web developers.

The Social Media’s influence cannot be denied anymore, but, it’s a good thing we have the necessary tools to control it, or at least incline it in our favor.

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