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Web apps that are worth trying

As we accustomed you for some time now, we give you a list of web apps we found interesting or useful both for the usual user and for the web developers.

Thus, we’ll start with Simplenote. It is a useful app that allows the synchronization of any platforms (iOS, Android, WebOS, Mac, Windows) the main goal being the gathering in one place of every notes, ideas and lists for better organization. Also, the app allows searching through notes, secure info transfer, info sharing and the best part… it’s free!


CSS3 Generator is a very useful app for those who work in the web development field, especially for web designers. The app is useful when you are pressured by a deadline or you want to see what a certain code does. It has multiple functionalities which we invite you to test.

css3 generator

Lubith is a WordPress theme generator. All the work is done inside the browser with drag and drop and once you are pleased with the result, you can save it and use it for your web site. The tutorial on Lubith will clear any uncertainties about how to use the app.


More useful for entertainment than anything else, Aviary Music Creator app is suited for those who love music and wish to relax in front of the computer creating songs. The app has many instruments that can be combined as the user pleases.


OhLife is a modern diary. You don’t need to open a notebook or another app. All you have to do is reply to an e-mail you’ll receive daily enquiring about how you day went and the answer will be posted in your OhLife diary. It’s a nice app that helps you relax and it is also practical because, let’s face it, all day long we have our e-mails opened.


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