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iSTYLE is the leading Apple Premium Reseller in Central and Eastern Europe. With offices in 9 countries and over 20 shops all over Europe, iStyle managed to rise above its competition with their impressive portfolio that includes premium products and services. Like any ambitious business, iStyle activates in both physical stores as well as online. While the offline stores are stable and more easy to manage, the online branch is constantly exposed to changes and improvements.

So how do you get a jumbo project to run flawlessly and simultaneously in 9 different countries? You’re about to find out.

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The right answer in this case was: Magento Enterprise. It gave iStyle the possibility to run all its online shops from one single installation. This allowed all 9 countries to collaborate on campaigns and share resources and features easily and in real time.

At first, each country had its own backend and procedures, so the communication and stock levels were hard to control. Magento Enterprise improved the workflow massively and now all those difficult and ambiguous tools are just a distant memory.

We are known as technology devourers, so our enthusiasm went through the roof when we were handled this project. All those countless hours it took us to design, redesign and develop functional and sophisticated ecommerce websites for 9 countries eventually allowed iStyle to improve the overall e-shop customer experience and boost their conversion rate.

Along with all these great functionalities, thanks to all the team effort, in September 2013 we launched a new responsive design for all stores, a design that follows latest technology trends and Apple’s identity.

The only particularity that separated the countries was the integration of the payment method (for credit card payment) and the specific shipping methods.

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Today, iStyle is the proud owner of online shops in Bulgaria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Croatia, Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia and Slovenia.

The platform is now easy to use as a multi-language multi-store. It also offers a strong search engine optimization and CMS pages versioning. Each country can now administer its own websites, without interfering with the settings and configuration of other countries, using multiple roles and multiple users for each role.


“I have a very positive experience of working with Innobyte. I really enjoyed the style of cooperation, they found a quick solution to every new idea that we had. I was impressed by their skills, they could help us with implementing the latest technologies on our website, so we can be sure that it will be ahead of our competitors’ websites. We are very happy with the result, now we have a professional web shop that is easy to maintain and it offers several great features which help us improve our online business.

Galgocz Gabor, PM iStyle

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