Industry: Electric Vehicles

Services: Mobile app development, Consulting, Technical support, Technical specifications

The project

Chargetrip GO! is a software platform for EV drivers. It helps users find the fastest and the most efficient route for their journey, and the best charging stations to spend their time while charging the EV.

Driven by the desire of moving EV mobility forward to the masses, Chargetrip’s founders wanted a smart, powerful and user-friendly software platform that can be easily accessed by EV users, an intuitive solution in order to improve the EV driving experience and to make electric mobility even smarter.

Chargetrip’s founders decided to collaborate with our team as they needed a professional software development partner to turn their vision into reality.

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The solution

Our team was more than excited to develop Chargetrip’s project. We are always thrilled when it comes to developing a challenging and stimulating project. The collaboration was more than pleasant for both sides and a success, as we delivered their apps (iOS, Android and web app) as promised, within time, scope and budget. We have also provided technical support and consultancy.  -Several technologies were implemented to support the functionalities of the project: Angular JS, Firebase, Amazon AWS, and Neo4J.

The software platform uses over 15 EV’s specific variables such as the capacity of the EV, current weather conditions and users’ personal station preferences in order to offer the most efficient route for the journeys.

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The result

Our team embraced Chargetrip’s vision and managed to deliver the software solution they wanted.Chargetrip GO! gives users access to tools such as trip planning, station overviews, live navigation and integrations with payment providers.

The intuitive digital product reduces range anxiety, by making charging time useful and pleasant and accelerates the mass adoption of EVs. In 2017, Chargetrip became a partner of the Norwegian EV Association (Norsk Elbilforening), the world’s largest EV Association.

Together we launched the world’s first dedicated EV route planning pilot powering 50.000 EV drivers. The first version of the software product has more than 35.000 monthly active users, and over 40500 calculated routes.

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