Attention Test

There comes a time when one should put on hold its tasks, take a step back and try to have a new look on the problem. You’ll start seeing other details too.


This is the key message that was point out to us, Innobyte’s Project Managers, one QA tester and me, the other day. Our CEO invited us to take a 30 seconds test. Yes, that’s right, only 30 seconds!

Now it’s your turn to do this test!

Imagine that you’re about to watch a basketball match. There are 2 teams, one in black and one in white. You’re interested only in the white team. Your task is to watch the following video and count:

  • How many times do the team members from the white team pass the ball from one to another
  • How many time does the ball touch the ground (from the white team)

Take a pen and paper and let’s start:

Now, what’s your score? Reply to this article with your results. I, for one, counted 11 passes and 8 times the ball touched the ground.


Still, there’s one more thing to address: have you seen the gorilla? 🙂

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