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Facebook Timeline – the latest invention

By September 26, 2011 No Comments

Lately, we started associating the ‘change’ notion with Facebook due to the never ending modifications and a few days ago, at the F8 conference, Mark Zuckerberg presented one of the most revolutionary changes of all: Facebook Timeline.

Facebook Timeline turns the users profile in a virtual scrapbook and digs deep into his past.  Finding what you posted in your first day as a member of this web site or other important posts through time is really difficult to do. Facebook Timeline has the purpose of resurfacing the entire content you shared on Facebook over time, with no effort, because Facebook automatically ads images, status updates and events from the users history. More so, it gives the possibility o filling the blanks with photos where the user thinks he should.

Also, on the right side there will be a list of years starting with the registration date, and in order to see the important events of a certain year all you need to do is click on that year.

In order to better understand these changes, we invite you to watch the Facebook Timeline presentation video!

Obviously, progress is welcomed and useful as well, but, daily changes can confuse the user until he gets truly irritated, which has been happening to Facebook clients recently. We’re wondering how much time before they get sick of it.

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