Fun facts about programming – Happy programmers’ day!

Hello, friends! There are several things that only a programmer can relate to. Since today is programmers’ day, we want to share some fun facts about programming with you. Enjoy our colleagues’ answers:

1. Real programmers…

– Real programmers’ favourite line is “It works on my machine!”

– Real programmers only test their code in production.

– Real programmers hate to write specs. (But if they have to…)

– Real programmers debug code on the production environment.

– Real programmers…fix one bug and get 100 new ones.

2. You know you’re a programmer…

– when you spill coffee on your laptop and aggressively press Ctrl+Z to undo the error (true story -_- )

– when you try to Ctrl+F in a printed book.

– when you spend a day to find the problem and you fix it with one line of code.

– when your code works and you have no idea why.

– when you tell a programmer joke and nobody understands it.

3.  Most programmers struggle with two things…

– naming things and cache invalidation

– the right amount of curses mixed with just enough coffee

– other programmers and other programmers’ code.

– debugging and more debugging.

– coffee and bugs

4. The first rule of programming:

– never ask “why?” Just be grateful it works!

– if something looks easy, it’s hard; if it looks hard, it’s almost impossible.

– if it works, don’t touch it.

– never write standardized code, so no one will want to steal it.

5. Me trying to explain what is it like to work as a programmer to a 4-year-old kid:

– coffee + smashing buttons = magic happens

– it’s like trying to explain to a programmer what’s it like to use something without buttons.

– it’s like trying to make a lego car and you can’t find the last piece of lego. You search for it for hours then you find out it was near you all this time. Then you complete your car and brag about it to all of your friends.

– it’s like riding a bicycle but backwards

Hope you had fun reading these lines! Happy programmers’ day to all the cool guys working in programming!

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