Innobyte was at the first Meet Magento conference in Romania, Cluj

And what a great time we had, as all of the attendees seem to have had, as well!

Meet Magento and Mind Magnet did a great job with organizing the conference on September 13th, 2014, and, as a first Meet Magento event ever to take place in Romania, it was a valuable experience for both attendees and organizers.

We were excited to be there to feed on inspiring thoughts on developers’ care and feeding from Magento evangelist Ben Marks. Later in the evening, Deryck Harlick from Mage Training delivered what should be every professional’s motto: “Educate. Then…educate some more!”. From Magento’s effect of “losing your hair” (@Ben Marks) to amazingly “building community” (@Thomas Goletz) and always having somebody around the world ready to help with connected issues, we felt part of this great phenomena that Magento is, with all that it brings with it – lots of hours of work, passion, headaches and revelations, happy customers, challenging tasks, happy developers, exciting meetings, great parties and frantic tweets and re-tweets about how great our job is.

No official numbers have come out yet, but we have counted well over 300 Magento groupies and gurus, friends, colleagues, and partners brought together there to exchange experience, share knowledge and good vibes.

If you thought of attending Meet Magento 2014, but didn’t (who else’s if not one of Ben Marks’ catchy feedback lines!?), you have missed out on interesting case studies (Magento B2B by Kuba Zwolinski +1), inspired strategies of building loyalty by Matt MacDougall, and all that experienced developers and business people brought in and preached about. Great agenda on the developer track too, with names our developers were very happy to hear from, as Igor Minyaylo and Anton Kril, as well as party with after the conference.

Complete agenda and speakers at the event here and hats off to all that have been a part of it, be it organizer or speaker, for this lovely experience.

Many thanks to everybody and really looking forward to being a big part of Meet Magento 2015!Meet+Magento+Innobyte(5)Meet+Magento+Innobyte(4) Meet+Magento+Innobyte(3)   Meet+Magento+Innobyte(6)meet magento innobyte cluj Meet+Magento+Innobyte

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