Today, we had an internal contest. Not on writing code or Project Management skills, but on…cooking! Our relaxation room was transformed into a food court where the fine experts of Innobyte could taste and note the delicious food cooked by members of our team.

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Chocolate ruled the deserts area, while in the serious food area, fish and chicken had their battle.

Roxana was announcing on Facebook a bit earlier: “Besides Masterchef, Top Chef and what other cooking shows there are, we now have InnoChef at Innobyte.”

But now it’s time to let the pictures speak:IMG_4255 IMG_4259 IMG_4262 IMG_4266 IMG_4289 IMG_4304 IMG_4317 IMG_4360 IMG_4383



Drawing the line, our colleagues have voted Roxana as this month’s InnoChef… with ”choux a la creme”:



InnoChef is an internal Innobyte project, to which all Innobyte’s employees and partners can sign in, if they love cooking!


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  1. Roxana, marry me? 🙂 glumesc
    Cum se numeste desertul din ultima imagine? am mai gustat din astea pe undeva si ma gandeam sa incerc si eu dar am uitat cum se numesc. Bravo!

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