Meet Magento Ro 2019

We had a great time at Meet Magento Ro 2019! Since 2014, when the first edition took place, we have witnessed both the development of the event and the Magento community in Romania.

This 6th edition was a special one to us. It was the first edition held in Bucharest and the first Meet Magento event where we had a speaker on stage! Alin, our CTO, delivered useful tips and tricks to boost Magento performance.

Meet Magento Ro is more like a Christmas family reunion. Everybody’s there, talking about how they’ve been and what’s new. It’s always a pleasure to see familiar and new faces from the community.

Marius – Magento Developer

In the first day, one of the main focuses of this year’s Meet Magento presentations was the rise of progressive web applications as store frontends: following the increasing dominance of mobile internet access, PWAs fill the need for responsive, decoupled mobile apps that provide a smoother user experience for shoppers.

We also got a glimpse of the upcoming changes in Magento’s core architecture from the head architect himself, Ben Marks.

For the conclusion of the first day at Meet Magento Ro 2019, we followed two real-world stories about Magento development: building a scalable Magento shop capable of sustaining heavy traffic and then the ever needed product import.

Laurentiu – Magento Developer

With every edition, Meet Magento gets better and better. Even though not all presentations were about Magento, but future concepts such as server configuration, you always go home with some inspiration and good vibes. If you work with Magento, it’s a must-attend event, especially for joining the community.

Matei – Magento Developer

There were some interesting topics about the future technologies that will be included in Magento’s core. I would recommend to all Magento developers to take part in this event because here you can discover certain problems, encountered by other developers, and you will learn from their experience. You will also get to hear insights about where Magento is heading.

If you didn’t make it to the event this year, here you can access all presentations.

Congratulations to the organizers and to all the cool people we’ve met and talked to! We’re looking forward to the next edition! 🙂

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