Meet Valentin – Magento Solution Architect & Magento Contributor

At Innobyte, we take Magento very seriously, not only when it comes to providing solutions for customers around the world, but also by being involved in the development of Magento, as contributors.

Magento is the leading platform for open commerce innovation, managing over $100 billion in gross merchandise volume. As an open-source platform, community contributions are the foundation of Magento. In 2019, the Magento Community created over 8000 pull requests across Magento GitHub repositories. 

Meet Valentin – a MAGENTO Contributor

When we say “Valentin”, we think about Magento. You can also call him sky-hub.

He is one of Innobyte’s Solution Architects, a senior Magento Developer, and a team leader for our Magento Team. He has over seven years of experience in developing Magento solutions for top clients around the world. With dozens of projects launched and a huge passion for Magento, he is committed to sharing his know-how with other developers from Innobyte, helping and guiding them to reach their full potential. 

Valentin is also a Magento Contributor. When he’s not working his magic on our clients’ projects, he submits GitHub Pull Requests.

What does it mean to be a contributor?

Magento welcomes all types of contributions, consisting of new features or components, changes to existing features, tests, documentation (user guides, developers guides, examples or specifications), optimisations, bug fixes, or suggestions, provided by worldwide developers and Magento partners. 

To deliver fixes, community members use GitHub for source code version control and GitHub Pull Requests. Besides the Community contributors, Magento has a Community Maintainers team. Their role is to accept, merge, review issues and to reject pull requests. 

Here is Valentin’s work

MERGED: Cart performance #2692 

  • Bug fix: Cache IsProductAssignedToStock service to improve cart performance
  • [Performance] Magento 2.3 Performance issue because of the massive amount of MySQL queries per products in the cart

This merge contains a fix for a server performance issue related to the number of products in the cart: the more products in the cart, the more MySQL requests in the server. He has also managed to improve cart performance in Magento 2.3.

MERGED: Reviews GraphQl #227  

The work for this PR started at Magento Contribution Day 2018, in Cluj, and lasted almost half a year. During the development process, Valentin worked closely with the people from the Magento team. His work has brought him a special achievement and a complex award from Magento admins.

With this pull, regarding Product Reviews, Product Ratings and Reviews in Magento, Vali closed another PR, related to “Product Reviews”. He identified several errors and proposed some core changes to Magento meant to allow users to use the same Review object for both Customer Account Reviews and Product Page. 

Currently, Valentin has three open pull requests:

OPEN: Reviews API #19266  

Many Magento users complained that there was no API for Product Reviews. Now we have one! Valentin developed the long-awaited service contract API for product reviews. The novelty in this implementation is that the service returns a response object that contains success, failed, retryable objects and errors associated with failed or retryable objects. With this pull request, he has proposed several updates, actions and modifications to improve Product Reviews Module. 


OPEN: Reviews GraphQl schema update #343 

Valentin has proposed certain actions and changes to fix some issues regarding product reviews GraphQL Schema, consisting of the inability to sort reviews by other fields, reviews queries do not return total reviews, missing rating per cent from review ratings and others.

OPEN: Elastic Search Indexation #1305 

This Pull Request, related to Elastic Search Indexation, is intended to fix the indexing issue for zero value attribute options, including Boolean attributes, allowing zero values options indexation. He has proposed changes to fix the problems identified. Can’t wait to see it merged!


“As a Magento Specialist, I truly believe that it is in our power to make Magento better and to improve its core. Every year, a lot of new developments and implementations come from contributors, whether it’s about simple bug fixes or large-scale contributions. 

Magento encourages the community to get involved. Every year, developers reunite at Magento Contribution Day, an event held in different countries. If you want to get involved, this is a must go event.

When you contribute to Magento, you grow as a developer, expand your knowledge and have the opportunity to connect with the community. Not to mention that you help yourself too. I guess you all got bored with repairing the same bug for every project you work on.”

Read more about Contributor’s Guide and Coding Standards.

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