ZF Mobilio ‘13

On 15-16 of April, we have attended ZF Mobilio ’13, a conference aiming to discuss the mobile world in Romania.


As key ideas, we noted the following:

  • The Romanian market of mobile apps has recorded a fantastic growth in the past couple of years;
  • Romanians spent 250 million euro on smartphones in 2012;
  • The bible of apps developers is written on the clients feedback;
  • In Romania, the most successful apps are the ones that address only a niche, or at least that’s what Vodafone’s representatives said;
  • At a global level, you have to be courageous to develop apps that will change the world;
  • “nomophobe” = the guy who can’t stand living a day without his cellphone;
  • Mobile operators encourage the consumption of Apps, by offering free online traffic to their clients (for some applications).

More of our findings you can find in the following 2 articles:

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