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Fashion Days was founded in April 2009, as a business focused on the fashion industry. They trusted us as partners from the very beginning and so, two months later, the project was going online. Today, Fashion Days is the online market leader in Central and Eastern Europe, with offices in Romania, Bulgaria and Hungary. In 2015, the Fashion Days Group became part of eMAG, Romania’s largest online retailer.

At first, the website was developed on Magento platform and underwent a series of customizations and improvements in order to sustain the increasing number of countries. Fortunately, the business grew rapidly and required a more solid platform.

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In May 2012, our team began to migrate the entire shop from Magento Community Edition to a customized web solution. The migration took place progressively, in sprints, in order to keep the existing business intact.

In August 2012, the first section of the website went live on the new platform. By November 2012, the migration was complete and the entire project could fully enjoy the benefits of a customized web platform.

In the spring of 2017, as soon as takeover procedures were done, Fashion Days’ entire database was integrated into eMAG’s system. The migration was extremely complex, as we practically had to disable 3-4 internal systems from Fashion Days and cross-link them to about 10 eMAG systems.

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Given the fact that both platforms were custom made systems, the migration was a big challenge for everyone involved. It took a lot of hard work and hundreds of hours spent on brainstorming, planning and execution. However, the final results were spectacular. Given the magnitude of the project, we were happy and proud to have completed the migration successfully, in a surprisingly short period of time.

To this day, Innobyte and Fashion Days are joined in a prosperous collaboration. We share a dedicated team of our specialists in charge with part of Fashion Days’ development, project management and quality assurance.

We consider Fashion Days to be one of our key projects, as we literally grew together. Fashion Days is part of who we are today and we are happy to walk by their side during their journey.

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