The project’s journey: from idea to project launch

Having a business idea is something great. Moving from idea to action is one of the biggest challenges though.

When meeting for the first time with the entrepreneurship environment, some people can find it overwhelming, while others deal things with trust and confidence. Whatever the case is, the first step is to get as many information as you can and find a reliable partner who can turn your idea into reality.

If you have a business idea but you don’t know exactly how to start, we thought to share with you some information about a project’s development journey, from idea to project launch.

How do we start?

We will ask a series of questions in order to better understand your needs.

Do you have a clear idea of how the project should look like at the end of the software development process? Do you have a specification document with all the necessary information? Do you want a fix price quotation or a high-level estimation? Do you want to receive the entire project at the end or you prefer it to be developed in sprints?

These questions are just some of the details we will need to have in order to ensure that your project is handled the right way.

We will decide together the best approach for your project

At Innobyte, we treat each project individually and always find the best approach. Whether we are talking about a project with a clear and detailed scope or a business idea without an accurate vision of how the project should look like at the end, there is a fitting working methodology for each case:


When the scope is known, the project can be planned in detail from the beginning.

Once the specifications are ready, the planning phase is required. Depending on the complexity of the project, this may last up to 10 days. At the end of this phase, we will be able to determine the cost and the time frame of the project, as well as the resources and specialists we should allocate.

We will determine the task list, what should be delivered at the end of the development process and everyone’s responsibilities. We will also identify the opportunities and the potential risks.

This methodology allows everyone involved to know from the very beginning all the important aspects of the project. The development team will be able to plan and allocate properly the resources, and the client will know the final cost of the project, how the final product will look like and when it will be delivered.

Change requests are managed according to a change management plan, established at the beginning of the project together with the customer. They usually impact the budget and the schedule, therefore they should be analysed and approved prior to implementation.

We recommend this methodology to every project where there is a need to know the final cost and delivery date from the start, supported by a complete, detailed and final specification document.

SCRUM – agile approach

There are cases where entrepreneurs only have an overall idea on how the final product should look like. They want to set the details on the go, during the development process.

This way, a detailed planning is not possible. One of the best solutions, in this case, is an AGILE approach, the best known being SCRUM. This methodology involves the implication of a Product Owner, a person who continuously writes users stories to define the team’s tasks. He plans the activity for 2-4 weeks, called sprints.

The development team delivers at the end of the sprints the tasks set based on the specifications created by the product owner.

From idea to project launch – take a look at how we get things done

No matter the approach you choose, the software development goes through several well-established stages: initiation, planning, execution and delivery.

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Let us know about your idea! We are not only good listeners, but also reliable consultants, as we think of you not as a client, but as a partner. At this stage, we need to understand your ideas and expectations, and together define the business requirements that should be met at the end of the project.


We consider this to be the core of our activity. This is when we set the WHAT, the WHO, the HOW and the WHEN. We treat the planning process with extreme precision in order to determine the scope, the workflow, the timeframe and the costs.

Now we are also selecting the team members that will form the project development team, so you can also meet the guys who are going to dedicate their experience, time and imagination to give life to your project.

As soon as we validate all the necessary details with you, we can move on to the most exciting part we’ve all been waiting for.


This is the thrilling side of our every project. At this stage, depending on the type of project, everything that is required to start the actual work has already been agreed and planned. This means that we can start shaping what we planned into tangible results. Based on your requirements you will receive periodical project performance reports as well as any information you need or find useful.


At last, the most rewarding part of our collaboration is here! Remember that idea you had in mind when we first met. These are the results of an inspired visionary and a team of specialists brought together. Don’t take our word for it, feel free to test it and verify if it’s working as it should. Afterwards, we can deploy the project in the production environment and make the final preparations.

We are in it for the long run

We know work doesn’t stop with the first live deploy, but on the contrary, it’s just the beginning of the story. Therefore, you can rely on us after the project has been delivered. We can bring any changes to the initial project, implement customer feedback or develop new features, functionalities and apps.

Tell us about your ideas! We would be more than happy to walk with you along your business journey. Let’s talk: [email protected]

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