CTF Write-Up: Web 400

As I mentioned in the previous article, I started web400 immediately after I finished web300. At that point I was in a winning streak, so, naturally, I thought I could beat this one, too. I had no idea how wrong I was…

Attention Test

There comes a time when one should put on hold its tasks, take a step back and try to have a new look on the problem. You’ll start seeing other details too. This is the key message that was point out to us, Innobyte’s Project Managers, one QA tester and me, the other day. Our CEO invited us …

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The weirdest website

What’s the weirdest website you’ve ever come across? Gizmodo wants to know! List it here, with the following structure:  [image (if it’s not gross)] [linked title] Description: [description] How I found it: [how you found it]   Now let’s take a peak at some examples: An website with dogs, for K9 lovers Another one that started from Sailor …

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