Do you know how to multiply extra-large numbers in PHP?

It seems that you really like our PHP Challenges, which really makes us happy. So we bring another one to your attention. Since you got pretty comfortable with numbers during our last test, we will continue on testing your PHP skills with… numbers “management”. The challenge:

Second PHP Challenge

As the challenge we’ve given you last week was a real hit, we want to provoke you again! So… you are given 2 integral numbers: a and b. Request: Write a code sequence that interchanges the values of  these 2, without using additional variables.

April Fools Day Pranks

Today, we take a step aside and collect the nice April Fool’s Day Pranks that the big online giants are playing. Google is on a roll, when it comes to pranks: They announced to close down Youtube; The announce to revolutionize Gmail, by launching Gmail Blue; We now have a new type of search, based on what our …

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