Do you know how to multiply extra-large numbers in PHP?


It seems that you really like our PHP Challenges, which really makes us happy. So we bring another one to your attention.

Since you got pretty comfortable with numbers during our last test, we will continue on testing your PHP skills with… numbers “management”.

The challenge:

We ask you to multiple two numbers, using PHP coding. And the two numbers are: Number1 and Number2.

So… what’s the result? And how long did it take to get this result?

Oh, and if you missed one of our previous challenges, you can find them here:


7 thoughts on “Do you know how to multiply extra-large numbers in PHP?”

  1. Clarification: “multiple two numbers”
    – Is it multiply two numbers i.e. multiplying Number1 with Number2?
    – Or, it is to find Least Common Multiples of these two numbers?

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